Stewardship and Sustainability:
Our trees are grown on pine plantations, not in rain forests. For every tree cut, another two are planted.


Many People, One Thought
Providing quality solid wood furniture at an affordable price has been a group effort. From concept to product design, manufacturing and retailing, each area focuses on the details that will assure you a low price but never at the expense of function, styling, or good sense. A “ready – to – assemble” item reduces transportation and warehousing costs which help your retailer keep their prices reasonable. Now, you are joining “Team Adeptus” with the final step, assembly.


Our wood is FSC certified by the Forest Stewardship Council to insure compliance with the highest ethical standards.


We are proud that our furniture is produced from trees grown on certified tree farms, not in rainforests.  For every tree cut, another two are planted.

“Green” packaging
We use recycled material in our packaging, no Styrofoam! The only plastic used is our hardware bag. (And that is produced from recycled plastic.)


Audits, Testing and Standards

We inspect all wood and follow guidelines to pass quality inspections. Our factories are audited by international testing and compliance agencies.


Ethical Standards

We fully comply with ethical labor and social standards. We provide onsite free health and dental care to all factory workers.

“Green” materials: We make SOLID WOOD furniture… with no funny fasteners. We use composite metals screws and wood or metal drawer runners.


Details matter; Quality by design

We take extra care with our drawer parts

We use real wood drawer sides for strength. The drawer sides are not painted to help protect your clothes from chemical odors and residue. Finely sanded drawer parts eliminate snags when storing your clothes.