What is the height of the 6 Drawer roll cart without castors?

  • 24 inches.


What are the inside dimensions of the roll cart drawers?

  • Regular units are 9.65 wide and x 12.32 deep (inch)
  • Wide units 17.20 wide x 12.32 deep (inch)


How do I get the plastic drawer runners in the sides of the roll cart?

Important:  You do not want to assemble it on a rug as you will get too much bounce. Assembly on a hard surface (like a kitchen floor) with a thin towel or the cardboard the unit came in as padding.


Important: Hammering the ends and then the middle of the runner might make it too hard to get some of the runners in, depending on other factors.

  1. Line up the runner to the holes in the sides of the unit.  It should not be an exact match.  That is what you want to see, as it eventually will be held in by pressure.
  1. A regular hammer might allow you to see where you are hammering better than using a rubber mallet.
  1. Work in one direction – left to right.  This is critical.  Hammer each pip or “tooth” down 1/2 way and go directly left to the next pip.  Hammer that down half way.  Continue to the end of that runner.
  1. Once the runner is hammered down half way all across the runner, go back to the front of the runner. It’s like closing a zipper at this point. Hammer it in one direction all the way down flat.

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